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Image File Watermark Software

Download free batch watermarking software, create watermark on bulk images, mark digital still photographs, text
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12 January 2011

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This is a software tool for watermarking and protecting your copyright of photographs.

AWinware Digital Pictures watermarking tool is a desktop utility. It will take a batch of photographs and watermark them suitably to protect them from unauthorized distribution. The software helps add “copyright” or “Sample” text strings on the images. You could as easily apply date time stamp, your company logo or comments on the photos. The tool can apply PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG etc picture files as watermark on your target pictures. Quality of photographs is not affected in any way. There`s always that question about what image formats the tool can handle and they include JPG, BMP, GIF etc. The tool will work in all Windows environments including the Windows 7.The interface makes the work quite simple for getting a batch of photographs watermarked.

Adding images to the work area is simple. You can quickly view them through the previewer too for making sure you have the right ones before you watermark the lot. You can view these images in full screen mode too, if required. Workspace for writing up the text to use for watermarking is available. You can choose to have the rubber stamp of "copyright" on the images. You might as well choose an image from your collection, there is a browsing interface available for that. Before you commit to having the item watermarked on the images, you could make sure you are getting the desired effect through the preview. Though the tool has a single functionality, it does the job well. So, if you need to watermark a bunch of photos, this can fit the bill easily.

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AWinware Digital Pictures watermarking tool is fast and affordable desktop utility to protect your batch photographs from unauthorized distribution. Software easily and quickly generates watermarked photographs without losing the quality of pictures. Software supports all image formats including JPG, BMP, GIF etc. Software does not require any extra plug-ins to be installed on system and supports all latest windows operating systems. Digital photographs watermarking tool creates high quality impression of text or image on bulk pictures in a single click. If you want your digital still photographs from unauthorized distribution, this tool is helpful solution to personalized bulk photos. Features: # Software supports all windows based operating systems including Win7, XP and Vista. # Software watermark batch images in a single click. # Tool supports all popular image formats for creating watermark impression. # Software can add both text as well image watermark on bulk photos. # Software provides interactive and user friendly graphical interface.
Image File Watermark Software
Image File Watermark Software
Version 1.0.1
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